What can I do with my account on icculus.org?

Here's a basic (and ever-growing) list of things you can do on icculus.org. Consider this to be a "terms of use" policy, I guess. If you don't have an account, but want one, just email Ryan and tell him why you should have one, and he'll set you right up.


Please note that we turn away 90% of the people who ask for accounts! We generally only give them out for people that want to host projects here, and we're a little picky. But then again, getting an account is just a matter of having a good reason to get one, and there's a lot of random reasons, so don't be afraid to ask.

However, these are not good reasons:

I hesistated to explicitly list these things for a long time, because I don't want people with good ideas to be intimidated that they won't "pass the bar" and thus never ask for an account, but I get floods of requests for access for just those above reasons. I want to foster creation, not pay the bandwidth bill for someone else's abuse. Those that have accounts do have personal webpages and run IRC clients and store personal files...but they also contribute to the world around them in various ways.

Basically, use some common sense when deciding if you should ask for an account. Several i.o services are available for free from less elitist sites, like Hotmail and SourceForge.

Things you can do on i.o:

--The McManagement.