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What's This?

pydance is fun dancing game for experience asian dance beat! Showing friends your hot move with big score!

Highly configurable, colorful animated arrow motion, limitless numbers of dance steps, 1 or 2 players, professionally written music, laughter provoking sound effects, and yes, even graphical transitions.

You need this game even more than you need Frozen Bubble.


Have you ever gone to an arcade and seen some crazy girl busting moves on some sort of metal panel of sorts, or a guy making a fool of himself trying to dance without watching the screen? Well, that game is Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR for short, which has been a hit in Asian countries for awhile and is finally getting popular in Europe and North America.

So, what you do is watch the screen as these colored arrows move up the screen. As soon as they cover up stationary ones, you press them on a dance pad with your feet. It doesn't matter if you leave your foot down after you press it, it doesn't matter if you hit the correct arrow and the wrong arrow at the same time if you happened to jump a little, the only thing that matters is hitting the proper arrow at the proper time. At the end of the song, you get a grade telling you how close to the beat you were.

Sounds fun and easy, right? Well, now that you're a pro, download pydance and you can play it on your computer instead! If you don't have a dance pad, try it with the keyboard or with a gamepad! You can write dance steps to songs on your computer to dance to, use two mats and see whether you or your friend is a better dancer, or just play a game that's fun, challenging, has good music, and get some exercise.

You heard it here first. Geeks exercising. Tonight at 11.



Brendan Becker: Original design and code, music, and effects.
Joe Wreschnig: Code and graphics.
Pavel Krivitsky (current maintainer) Code.
Numerous others: More code, help, and testing, and donations.

Made With

Python Vorbis Pygame SDL
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