John Reeves Hall died of cancer September 17th, 2005.

More information and a guestbook is on his his home page.

This project is mostly unmaintained now. The staff has moved the source code from CVS to Subversion (and updated some URLs below). This webpage is otherwise unchanged from how John left it.

Patches to this project can be emailed to Ryan C. Gordon.

Armoda Music System

Armoda is a music and sound effects system for games and other multimedia applications. It is one of John Hall's side projects, and is still under development. However, Armoda is already quite usable as a command line module player.


To Do List

Known Issues


I test Armoda against the weirdest modules I can find. It plays the infamous blkqueen.mod and ode2ptk.mod modules perfectly (as far as I can tell), and handles some other files that MikMod has trouble with. Protracker .mod support is very good. .s3m is mostly supported, but needs some work. .dsm modules are mostly recognizable, but almost always have glitches.


No binaries yet, but feel free to grab the code from Subversion. Thanks to for SVN and web hosting.

svn co svn:// armoda


Ugh, I hate software licensing. So I've chosen a rather unrestrictive one. Armoda is licensed under Overcode's Source License. In return for my efforts, I request bug reports and, where appropriate, credit for my code. However, these are not required.