SDL_teapot is a suite of OpenGL utilities for use with SDL. The library provides somehow helpful functions for OpenGL/SDL tandem. These functions can be broke down to:

SDL_teapot is meant to be as painless to use as possible. You don't need to use a framework if you just need to see a cube or just want to load a texture in your SDL/OpenGL application. Just use what you want now and come back later when you need more :).

We're heading towards the first public release. Meanwhile you are welcome to mess with cvs version. Here is the web interface to SDL_teapot's CVS repository.

To download SDL_teapot via CVS:
cvs login
(password is "anonymous", without the quotes.)
cvs -z3 co SDL_teapot

This library is available under the GNU LGPL version 2.1

Bug reports, suggestions, criticism go to Ed.